Step by Step

On Tuesday, March 8th, I walked into my home after work to find the fan has once again stilled..  The momentous Pisces eclipse made its point. I am just not entirely sure yet how to deal with it. 

Same day, I began adulting like I never have before. Student loans are the only debt I carry in this life, and I carry that burden with a fair amount of shame coupled with a resounding amount of pride. I would be lost without what I have learned during my decade long stint in higher education. The intellect and wisdom gained is priceless in comparison to what is owed. Though, it is my intent to have this burden alleviated in fantastical means by those who desire to free me from this servitude. All the while, probably at the cost of owing them in some form or fashion. I shall deem that reciprocity verses the highway robbery I suffered to get there. 

Since this ecliptic transition, I have been feeling in-between worlds. Can the fantastic be real? What is real? Depression creeps in when questioning trumps pondering amid a lack of affirmation. Or is it patience that I lack - Maybe an angle of logic?  Perhaps, I am over thinking things like usual and the only thing I must do is the best I can in spite of all.

I must have faith in the process. There must be a reason that my muse lingers..  This is my journey. 

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