Cross-Over Art:

"Love as thou wilt."

Ivory in collaboration with the lovely and talented Christy Carew

The power of social media and the ability to network therein has once again illuminated my life! This time, it has taken the form of a beautiful project!

The story began over a decade ago with Jacqueline Carey and her Kushiel Legacy trilogy.. With deeply poignant impressions and elevated style, Carey's world and themes epically influenced Ivory both personally and artisfully from youth. "Love as thou wilt." -- The main quote of the series became the main theme for my life; the journey, my odyssey. 

Following my heart has transformed my life into Art. For not this series, I would not have discovered my muse, without my muse I would not be a harpist, if I was not an artist who plays harp I would not be on this project, if I never read these books..
Would Ivory even exist???

I adore how poetic life can be! 

The power of a single Facebook post instigated this epic collaboration between Ivory and Christy Carew, composer of the official Kushiel Legacy series orchestrations. 

'No venture. No gain.'    3/26/2017

Listen BELOW!

SoundCloud Link: Kushiel’s Legacy

Spotify Link: Kushiel’s Legacy

World Music Ensemble:

To facilitate her ever-expanding, eclectic desire for creative outlets, Ivory aligns herself with similarly passionate Artists who span various fields and showcase a variety abilities.
Ivory and the Silk Road Travelers
Ivory, Steven Rossi, Jacqueline Warden of Pandorium & Friends
Harp, Percussion & Exotic Dance

On a most auspicious day out of a sudden and acute awareness in January 2015, Ivory envisioned forming a fiercely creative artistic collaboration that would fuse harp instrumentals with visual intrigues that transcend space and time.

From that inspiration, a trio formed with tremendous eclecticism and scope which became Ivory and the Silk Road Travelers. True to the nature of the ensemble, the name speaks for itself. At the epicenter, is Ivory with her harp Athena on this epic adventure of life accompanied by her Travelers which at its core include Steven Rossi on percussion and Jacqueline Warden of Pandorium with dance.

From the Asiatic coast to the beaches of the Mediterranean and beyond, the trio follows the historic Silk Road gleaning an epic travelers experience across cascading landscapes full of entrancing melodies, addictive rhythms, and exotic visuals.