Welcome to my Odyssey!

"On an epic quest fueled by an insatiable passion, I search both within and across terraqueous landscapes for my role in this ever evolving and enlightening journey of life.  A boundless energy and desire for clarity have driven my spirit, from youth, and harpistry has given me a heightened sense of direction, fueling a genuine inquisitiveness with which I approach life's mysteries and the ties that bind our fragile existences together.  These ties or threads of energy we share intrigue me and it is my prerogative not only to uncover these connections but to foster their growth; harpistry is a vehicle for this odyssey, because from these sparsely strewn eclectic threads, I envision weaving an international network of similarly passionate, perceptive and philosophically-minded intellectuals, with grand possibilities!"  

Harping on the Mandeville, Louisiana Lakefront