These past few weeks have been fantastically cosmically driven. 

During mid-February, I had the supreme pleasure of a very dear friend of mine visiting New Orleans with her family for her birthday! The time we shared hallmarked the beginning to the most recent surge of power and cosmic energy into my life. The family and I shared many adventures from Zydeco dancing at Rock N' Bowl to pool and late night eats and drinks at Cooter Brown's, to drives around town escorted by yours truly and a very memorable evening wherein I stole her for some one-on-one discussion time. Priceless are profound conversations that linger into the early morning hours.

A few days later was Iona's workshop, concert and hafla that we had been theoretically gearing up for nearly a year. The Silk Road Travelers including new friends performed as the house band for the evenings transition between performance showcases. To our extreme pleasure, the ensemble went over smashingly and rocked out until we were kicked out after midnight! Athena now bares a fair amount of track marks from the jubilant drumming textures she survived at my hands or rather my claddagh ring! Never-the-less, that is a sign a fabulous evening was had. And it was had by all! Since that evening, many have taken notice of our group and so have sought out future engagements featuring my Silk Road Travelers. [Interesting to note is the energy created that day. It has happened before, but not to this magnitude..The broken fan in my living room has now been on nonstop (working at two different speeds even!) since that day exactly two weeks ago!]

And a handful of days after that something not short of personal myth and legend manifested in a partial reality instigating potential future realities. My illuminating friend coming to visit layered with the gravitational SRT's performance then..the blurred lines between fantasy and reality merged in ways only dreamt before.

Life is transforming in fantastical ways. 

And the fan still turns. 

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