A literal addiction to Literature

26/9/2015   Noonish

After a decade of attending university, I graduated in the spring of 2014, and just now, a year and a half later, I have rediscovered a never forgotten yet lost passion of mine:


Reading for the shear love of the taunt and tease provoked by an enrapturing tale!

It has only been a week since I bought my first pleasure book, and I already feel the glorious fatigue from burning the midnight oil just to gain a couple more pages worth of story before sleep overtakes me and the drama of real life sets in, again. 

As with most things Ivory-related, there is a story that goes along with the procurement of my most recent tome. Yet, I shall spare you the sharing of that for now.

The book I chose to begin my journey back to myself with is Sarah Waters sensuous novel Fingersmith

157 pages in and I am hooked!

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