The heart shifts--It is where the zest of life, passion is found. When it speaks, it believes, it burns, it lives, yet like a brilliant fire once the inspiration has been exhausted so has the passion. With no fuel, the heart smolders until extinguished. If replenished, the cycle begins anew yet wiser. 

The soul, on the other hand, is not so inclined to whimsy. When the soul speaks, it is both uplifting and grounding. The soul creates balance in its profundity. The soul is the root, the epicenter for our Self. When we speak from the soul, there is no greater extension of self we offer to the world, to another.. 

Both the heart and soul have powerful voices, yet the latter is timeless. For the soul knows more than what words and passions can encapsulate. The soul retains a wisdom that spans time and space. It has survived the past, lives the present, and believes in the future. 

I used to believe speaking from the heart sustainable, primary for a relationship, but wisdom has lead me to even greater truths. The heart is more akin to the concept of lust, waivering-exhaustible, wherein the soul harbours the depths of our desires, our most powerful gifts. 

To share these gifts are my greatest desire. 

It is my destiny to reveal and awaken those who carry part of my soul. 19:23


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