Mid-January 2016

Not even sure where to begin..

The last few months have been very demanding on me professionally. Had to evolve musically to meet deadlines, worked full-time at my day job, entertained visiting friends and did it all amid the holiday hustle and bustle. At the end of it all, I was very proud, rewarded myself with a bottle of high end absinthe, and subsequently, got sick for the calendar years transition. Being recovered and now, playing catch up, I am confronted with even more pressing realities and transformations on the horizon. 

This past year, I was witness to many paramount transitions within my life. From the loss of souls I care about who left this plane of existence, to living completely by myself for the first time in my entire life, from casting off users to whom I gave everything, to developing my own musical identity, experiencing my entree into teaching nationally, resigning from all positions and any involvement within the AHS and their local compatriots, to tackling musical obstacles thought until then to be insurmountable, and discovering so many things about myself.. It was a year of learning to 'live without fear'. 

Having confronted those fears, I now approach my life's mysteries and desires with a new-found, emboldened awareness and confidence. 

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